gina & jane

Buliders assistants.

Helps with builds and set ups

About our Club

Features at expos

ALLEGORIZE EXPO is hampshire's best brick and Lego display events. Allegorize Expo hampshire displays are custom made and unique. Bringing bricks to life. 

Allegorize is south hampshire based lego expo events organizers
we put on lego based events mostly in south hampshire.
Where we build and design displays for the public to see.
We at ALLEGORIZE are different from other lego builders and designers.
We aim to build our displays using sets that you can purchase from local
stores and online.

We were Hampshires first Lego event and still going strong .... if it doesn't say Allegorize then you are not getting the best

  • Amazing displays
  • Mega lucky dips
  • Kids programs
  • Family pass
  • All types & themes 
  • Shop
  • Free competiton's
  • Meet characters
  • Day out

Our Staff

Master Builder Tyrone Love has been featured

in block magazine


The Master Builder

making all the displays , no glue and cad instructions or computer used (apart from the ones which use box sets)

Built from pictures and out of head

Our products and displays  art  crafts style merchandise using LEGO® elements modified from their original form ALLEGORIZE is not affiliated, authorized or endorsed by The LEGO® Company.
ALLEGORIZE use brick based toys that are out on the market to buy.
Using other type similar to Lego but not always Lego itself to get the desired effect for the display.
LEGO® is a registered trademark of The LEGO Group.

Our master builder never glues his displays .
He is an old style builder and NEVER uses computer software to design or to help build his displays . He finds that this is easy almost a cheating way as anyone can follow instructions.
He only looks at pictures to use as a reference like a painter uses a landscape.
We hope building in this way and using sets you can purchase yourself will
help bring life to your lego and ideas to children and adults.